Pendleian (Late Mississippian) Cephalopods

Pendleian age rocks in the Chainman Shale include the upper beds of the Camp Canyon Member and the Willow Gap Limestone Member. The fossil cephalopods shown below are from these rocks in the Confusion Range and Burbank Hills of western Millard County.

References:Flower, R. H., and Gordon, M., Jr., 1959, More Mississippian Belemnites, Journal of Paleontology Vol. 33 no. 5; Titus, A. L., 2000, Late Mississippian (Arnsbergian Stage E2 Chronozone) Ammonoid Paleontology and  Biostratigraphy of the Antler Foreland Basin, California, Nevada, Utah, UGS Bull. 131; Kullman, J., Korn, D., and Petersen, M. S., 2000, GONIAT Database System, version 2.90, Tubingen

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S merriami
Stenoglaphyrites merriami
(Youngquist) 1949
This specimen is 81mm dia.

quadratum Titus 2000

Hematites barbarae
Flower and Gordon 1959

Top Left: Stenoglaphyrites merriami (Youngquist) 1949
Top Center and Right: Eosyngastrioceras quadratum Titus 2000
Bottom Left: Hematites barbarae Flower and Gordon 1959 an Aulacocerid 67mm long
Bottom Center: Reticycloceras sp. a Nautiloid
Bottom Right: Paracravenoceras barnettense (Plummer and Scott) 1937 (Plun

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