Inyoites Horizon (Owenites Beds) Ammonoids
Middle Smithian

These fossils are from the two fossiliferous beds at the top of the romunderi zone, above rocks containing meekoceras, and just below the anasibirites beds

see rocks of the Thaynes Group

Inyoites oweni Hyatt and Smith 1905

The keel is very hard to collect intact.

w. arnoldi
Dieneroceras dieneri (Hyatt and Smith) 1905

Xenoceltites cordilleranus (Smith) 1932

Xenoceltites cordilleranus (Smith) 1932

Juvenites thermarum (Smith) 1927

Lanceolites bicarinatus Smith 1932

Pseudosageceras multilobatum Noetling 1905

A large Churkites noblei Jenks 2007 (right) and some Inyoites oweni Hyatt and Smith 1905

Arctoceras tuberculatum
Churkites noblei Jenks 2007

a very large arctoceras
a very large Churkites noblei Jenks 2007

These have a higher whorl and sharper venter than other Arctocerids (this may be an artifact of preservation) but the ornamentation of nodes around the umbilicus, longitudinal striae on the venter, and distant ribs are typical of Arctoceras.  These were previously assigned herein to Arctoceras tuberculatum (Smith) 1932, however, J. F. Jenks (2007) has found rare but well preserved specimens at Crittenden Springs, Nevada and assigned them to the new taxon.  Though his specimens are better preserved these appear to be conspecific.  C. noblei is quite common in the Confusion Range.

Guodunites hooveri (Hyatt and Smith) 1905

Ventral and lateral view of a smaller Guodunites hooveri (Hyatt and Smith) 1905

Suture of Clypeoceras
Suture lines of Guodunites hooveri (Hyatt and Smith) 1905

Guodunites hooveri is also quite common in these beds in the Confusion Range.

Inyoites common

Some common ammonoids from the Thaynes Group

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