Brigantian (Late Mississippian) Cephalopods

Brigantian age rocks in the Chainman Shale include the Camp Canyon Member. The fossil cephalopods shown below are from these rocks in the Confusion Range of Millard County.

References: Miller, A. K., Youngquist, W., and Nielson, M. L., 1952, Mississippian Cephalopods from Western Utah, Journal of Paleontology Vol. 26, no. 2; Kullman, J., Korn, D., and Petersen, M. S., 2000, GONIAT Database System, version 2.90, Tubingen. Titus, A. L., Korn, D., Harrell, J. E., & Lambert, L. L. (2015). Late visťan (late mississippian) ammonoids from the barnett shale, sierra diablo escarpment, Culberson county, Texas, USA. Fossil Record, 18(2), 81-104

See Camp Canyon or Bishop Springs

Top Row: Pachylyroceras utahensis (Miller, Youngquist and Nielsen) 1952
The large one is 49mm dia.
Middle Left and Lower Center: Sulcogirtyoceras ornatissimum (Miller and Youngquist) 1948
Upper Center: Choctawites choctawensis (Shumard) 1863
Middle Right: Lusitanoceras granosum (Portlock) 1843
Bottom Left and Center: Lusitantites subcircularis (Miller) 1889
Bottom Right: Mitorthoceras perfilosum Gordon 1960

Lusitanoceras granosum Zone Cephalopods

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