Chainman Shale

On the northwest side of the Confusion Range the Chainman Shale is exposed around the Bishop Springs Anticline. The Pilot Shale of Devonian and Early Mississippian age, MDp, crops out in the center of the anticline covered by the Joana Limestone, Mj. The Skunk Spring Limestone Member, Mcs, of the Chainman Shale, and the Camp Canyon Member, Mcc, are exposed in places around this anticline. Concretions containing Goniatites americanus, Ga, Goniatites multiliratus, Gm, and the Lusitanoceras granosus, Lg, fauna are common locally. In this photo the foreground is littered with small 25mm to 50mm orange sideritic concretions, some containing fossil cephalopods, mostly Mitorthoceras perfilosum.

Fossil Cephalopods from this location

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