Asbian (Late Mississippian) Ammonoids

During the Mississippian rocks of the Chainman Shale were deposited in the Antler Foreland Basin. Fossil cephalopods are very common in these rocks in west-central Utah and eastern Nevada. Asbian age members of the Chainman Shale include the Skunk Spring Limestone Bed and the lowest beds of the Camp Canyon Member. The fossil cephalopods shown below are from these rocks in the Confusion Range of Millard and Juab Counties.

References: Gordon, Mackenzie, Jr., 1971, Goniatites americanus n.sp., A Late Meramec (Mississippian) Index Fossil, U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 750-C; Kullman, J., Korn, D., and Petersen, M. S., 2000, GONIAT Database System, version 2.90, Tubingen; Korn, D. & Titus, A.L., 2011, Goniatites Zone (middle Mississippian) ammonoids of the Antler Foreland Basin (Nevada, Utah). Bulletin of Geosciences 86 (1), 107–196.

See Camp Canyon here

Girtyoceras primum Zone
G. americanus
Goniatites americanus Gordon 1971

G. n.sp.

Girtyoceras primum Korn and Titus 2011.

Kazakhoceras bylundi Korn and Titus 2011

Dimorphoceras rileyi Korn and Titus 2011


Entogonites acus Korn and Titus 2011.

Goniatites deceptus Zone

conc with goniatites

Concretion containing Goniatites deceptus Korn and Titus 2011  and an orthocone

G mesler

Girtyoceras gordoni Korn and Titus 2011


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