Arnsbergian (Late Mississippian) Cephalopods
  Arnsbergian age rocks in the Chainman Shale are found in the Jensen Member. The lower part of the Manning Canyon Shale in the Wasatch Range is also of this age. The fossil cephalopods shown below are from these rocks in the Burbank Hills of western Millard County, and the latex casts are from molds found east of Provo.     
References: Baker, A. A., 1972, Geologic Map of the Bridalveil Falls Quadrangle, Utah, U.S.G.S. Map GQ-998;Titus, A. L., 2000, Late Mississippian (Arnsbergian Stage E2 Chronozone) Ammonoid Paleontology and Biostratigraphy of the Antler Foreland Basin, California, Nevada, Utah, UGS Bull. 131; Kullman, J., Korn, D., and Petersen, M. S., 2000, GONIAT Database System, version 2.90, Tubingen

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Eosyngastrioceras hesperium (Miller and Furnish) 1940


Glaphyrites millardensis Titus 2000

Top Row left and ?right: Glaphyrites millardensis Titus 2000, both 21mm dia.
Top Row middle (2): Eosyngastrioceras hesperium (Miller and Furnish) 1940, 28mm - 25mm dia.
Bottom Left: ?Stenoglaphyrites sp. (or crushed Eosyngastrioceras)
Bottom Center: Stroboceras (Epistroboceras) texanum (Miller and Youngquist) 1948, Latex cast
Bottom Right: a small latex cast of Eumorphoceras girtyi Elias 1956

Eumorphoceras girtyi

Eumorphoceras girtyi Elias 1956
Latex cast, 19mm Diameter

Manning Canyon Shale Cephalopods

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