Miscellaneous Turonian Ammonites
from the Mancos Shale in East-Central Utah

  P. wyomingensis & P. novamexicanus
Baculites yokoyamai Tokunaga and Shimizu 1926

A common, smooth shelled baculite found with Scaphites cf. S. ferronensis and S. whitfieldi

    Placenticeras pseudoplacenta

Placenticeras pseudoplacenta Hyatt 1903

Quite common in the lower Ferron Sandstone beds around the north end of the San Rafael Swell.  Rare in the Scaphites cf. S. ferronensis and S. cf. S. whitfieldi beds.

Coilopoceras inflatum

Coilopoceras inflatum Cobban and Hook 1980

rare in the Prionocyclus macombi zone.

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