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This site is meant to be a reference to help provide information on the identity, biostratigraphy and location of fossil cephalopods found in the state of Utah.  All fossils shown on this site were collected, or photographed in the field, by the author.  They were all found on public land, administered by either the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or the United States Forest Service (USFS). Or land formerly administered by the BLM that is now property of the State of Utah.

Fossils shown on this site are NOT for sale or trade.  I am not against the selling and trading of fossils, it's just that I choose not to participate, and abide the law.  For rules pertaining to fossil collecting in Utah, see collecting rules at this UGS site.

There is no copyright on any of the pages or photographs, except for logos, photographs, or names, owned by other sites.  It would be nice however, if you use some of my photographs, to mention where they come from, and link back to this site.

This site is owned and maintained by Kevin Bylund, shown below in the desert of western Utah collecting fossil cephalopods.  I am an amateur paleontologist with an interest in cephalopods and cephalopod biostratigraphy, and sometimes an avocational paleontologist helping local universities and surveys in some of their dinosaur quarries.  A member of the Paleontological Society, the Palaeontological Association, and the Utah Friends of Paleontology.


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(be sure to download a copy (4.8M pdf) of the presentation I gave "presentation handout"

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Lehi Hintze
Dr. Lehi Hintze leading a field trip into the Ibex Area of  Utah's West Desert
(Site of Jack Watson's Ibex ranch and P.O. in background)

Dr. Hintze has helped with many fossil localities in Western Utah, particularly the Ordovician sections

Dr. Morris Petersen and Jared Morrow
Dr. Morris Petersen and Jared Morrow
at a site for Early Mississippian Ammonoids

Dr. Petersen showed me where the Deseret Limestone ammonoids are found.

Duane Bylund, my brother, in the southern House Range

Many of the cephalopods pictured on this site were found by him

Dr. Dan Stephan
Dr. Dan Stephen at an outcrop of the Triassic Thaynes Formation
The Anasibirites Beds

Dan has been instrumental in getting the study of the Anasibirites Beds on paper.

Dieter Korn and Alan Titus
Dr's Dieter Korn and Alan Titus
at Granite Mountain collecting Mississippian ammonoids

I learned a great deal from these two during the 4 days spent collecting in western Utah and eastern Nevada, and Alan has helped considerably with the taxonomy and biostratigraphy of Mississippian ammonoids.


Dawn McShinsky has helped measure sections and collect ammonoids


Dr. Hugo Bucher, Dr. Arnaud Brayard, and Jim Jenks
Together we are working on the Early Triassic Ammonoids of Western and Central Utah.

Jim Jean Viorel

Jim, Jean Guex, Viorel Atudorei
Working on some Spathian Ammonoids in the Confusion Range

Lara Menlove and Holley Jean Carter
Collecting Early Triassic Ammonoids

Patti Garcia
Helping with the Cretaceous Ammonites and making thin sections

monograph authors

Emmanuelle Vennin, Gilles Escarguel, Daniel A. Stephen, Arnaud Brayard, Emmanuel Fara, Nicolas Olivier, and James F. Jenks

The Utah Early Triassic Crew

This site was started in December 1999, and first published on the world wide web as Old Calamari with Xoom.com in February 2000.  Later Xoom.com changed to NBCI.com, after a few years they stopped offering free web space so I moved the site to Topcities.com, only to have them shut down.  On October 2, 2003, I registered the domain ammonoid.com, where the site is now.